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Collaborative Computational Project Quantum Computing


CCP-QC aims to bring about close co-operation between other CCPs and the quantum computing community, rather than build a separate computational community for quantum computing. CCP-QC aims to:

  • Build an active research community encompassing CCP members interested in enhancing their simulations by adding quantum computing capability to their code, and quantum technology researchers working on applications of quantum computing to simulations.
  • Generate small projects supported by CoSeC staff time to develop methods appropriate to specific applications, leading to proof-of-concept demonstrations on early quantum hardware. This will also develop capacity in CoSeC for quantum computing.
  • Interface with the National Quantum Computing Centre (NQCC) in developing early applications of quantum computing.
  • Provide training in quantum computing for researchers who are expert in computational science but lack quantum computing knowledge.
  • Support career development of early career researchers through subsidised meetings, annual awards for best presentation, and a pairing scheme to link those working in computational science with those working in quantum computing and quantum algorithms.
  • Promote cross-CCP networking to share knowledge on early applications of quantum computing, enabling the widest possible early adoption of quantum enhanced computational science.
  • Interface with industry and other partners who are key players in developing quantum computing technology in the UK, and internationally.
  • Provide information on early quantum computing applications in academic research to the wider community through this website maintained for the life of the CCP. The website will advertise contact details and opportunities to join the community through meetings, training days, and signposts for collaboration.

CCP-QC does not aim to develop or curate its own body of code, rather, any code developed will belong to the CCP community for that application. Pointers to those applications, and information about what works and why will be available on the website, to guide those developing further applications.